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A Flat-Packed Hiring Team

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Interview Skills Training Programs - For Hirers

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No Hiring Department?

No Problem

We've Flat-Packed 20 Years of

Interview Training For You 

SME's often don't have a dedicated HR Department or Recruitment Team.  It is the business owner or a manager who runs the job interview.  


Assessing potential staff members is crucial to your business success.  The right team develop solid internal relationships and treat your customers like family.  Getting hiring right could not be more important.  We train your hirers to make the best decisions for your business and team.  

Interview Chix are about your success. 


Our flat-pack interview skills training programs are designed to be customised to your needs, easy to use and accessible. The 'Hire Right' programs are focused on your success as an employer.

  • Custom programs preparing your hiring staff to
    interview effectively

  • Better hiring policy reduces the frequency/high cost of poor hires

  • Identifying candidates who are the right fit

  • How to identify a candidates potential

  • Develop a streamlined scaffold for your hiring process

  • Expert checklists and assessment criteria resources

  • How to ask questions that elicit tangible, real world responses

  • Why using the STAR interview method works

  • Defining your business culture to help align staff with your vision

  • Why behaviour is key indicator of right fit

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EMPLOYER Individual training
EMPLOYER Group Training

SME 'Hire Right' Interview Skills for Hirers Video Course

Who is it for?  Any business owner, HR team member, manager or supervisor who hires staff.  Most SME's don't have a dedicated  HR team so assessing potential staff members is crucial to your business success.  Getting hiring right could not be more important.  As a hirer, your skilled approach to recruitment and interviews will impact hiring costs, staff retention and business culture positively. 

Course Length  Work at your own pace but you could knock it over in a few days. Remember, you can log back in to refresh for up to a month and you have 2 downloadable, editable workbooks to keep. A bit like an Operations Manual.

Includes 2 x monthly Google Meets live! Access to your coaches, Kirsty and Tanja.  We deep dive into the questions on your mind about how to 'Hire Right'.


  • Establishing a streamlined on-boarding process.

  • Create a detailed hiring scaffold for your business that attracts, assesses and retains the right staff

  • Develop a list of questions that get informed responses

  • Learn the most effective interview techniques used globally

  • Develop your business and department 'culture statement'

  • Define what kind of leader you are and how you lead

  • Identify the core attitudes and capabilities you seek in candidates

  • Using Video interview and remote hiring processes effectively

  • How to write powerful job advertisements guided by our including a published author and copywriter and executive advertising producer

  • How to spot a 'hire wrong' candidate

  • How to make decisions between your short list candidates

Price $797.00 + GST 

Hire Right - A Course for SME's - The Interview Chix
EMPLOYER Video Course

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We recently completed a 3-month program named WISE.  Thanks to our partners including Kirsty Ferguson. We engaged and supported 50 women to build their skillsets.

Western Sydney Women 2020

Thank you so much for all of that. I have had a look, and definitely would appreciate your assistance! 

Flourish - Exercise Physiology 2021

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