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Interview Skills
& Career Confidence Course 

Your story, abilities and potential are real
Our role, is to give you the skills and confidence to communicate that in every job interview

The Good News.  Employers have a renewed focus on 'everyday skills and culture' - areas women have ability
and affinity with. No matter the employment climate, the power of women to anticipate, reinvent and do
whatever it takes is unsurpassed.  Whether you aspire or desire to be a leader, business owner or passionate team member, are returning to the workforce or seeking a new challenge, the confidence and communication skills we teach, you will have for life.

From the global leaders in Interview Skills Training for Airline Pilots comes the 'Women's Interview Skills & Confidence' On-Demand Course

Who is this course for?

Ignite Your Interview Attitude and Confidence         

Develop communication skills that let you succeed your way, with your own style, values and abilities.

Whether you are:

  • Internally progressing in your role

  • Applying to a new employer

  • Changing careers

  • A mum returning to the workforce

  • Transitioning to a new industry or

  • Presenting or pitching

Your power comes from your unique abilities and aptitudes.  Nobody does anything the exact same way that you do.


Our role is to prepare you to shine by defining your 'why' and 'how'.  


We guide you in understanding and defining:

  • Your work style

  • What motivates you

  • What you have to offer and

  • How your skills, attitude and aptitude can benefit your potential employer


We work with you to give you the tools to articulate who you are, what you want and why you should #getthejob

What problems do we tackle?


This course covers everything we could think of to ignite your attitude to perform at your best.  From:

  • Using powerful evidence and examples to prove your ability.

  • Managing career hiccups and hurdles. We've all had them and they are our biggest opportunities to learn.

  • The reality of imposter syndrome and how some of the most successful career women have kicked it to the curb.

  • Our experts cover why the rules about what you wear are different for everyone.

  • How, what we used to call 'soft skills' are really 'everyday skills' and they are rising to the top of what employers value.

  • We tackle performance nerves (Something we all get - why? Because it matters to you so nerves are actually a good thing).

  • Find out what employers are assessing you based on because putting yourself in their seat is key to deciding what to talk about.

  • Uncover what most people do wrong with resumes and how Kirsty's  innovative resume guidelines can propel you to interview stage.


We know that every women has amazing abilities and we are here to support you to harness them and set a path to achieve your next incredible career goal.

$900+ value for $349 Ex GST, only open to register your interest now, no payment due until this refreshed, updated and powerful course launches.




Who have we worked with?

In 2001 the Interviewchix team created the first ever, interview skills course for Airline Pilots and Cabin Crew.  Within 5 years we were the industry leader, teaching interview skills and confidence courses globally, in over 20 countries.  Harnessing the techniques used for aviation candidates to compete in the mostly highly contested roles in the world, we turned our focus to two core areas, school leavers and the women's arena.  Why? Because as women, and women with families, supporting both arenas was compelling and personal. 


Take a look at what some of our clients have to say below or watch the video to your right.

Our wonderful women clients come to us from all industries,  and include Surf Life Guards, Fire Fighters, Airline Pilots, Doctors and Ambulance Personnel, Engineers, HR professionals, Accountants, Travel Industry, Dentists, Finance Managers, and Administration, too many to name.

We've designed our 'course' to give you exceptional value​. One-on-one coaching is over $300 per session and 'Women's Interview Skills and Confidence Course'  offers  $900+ value for $349.00. 

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​I don't subscribe to leaders having to be one particular way.  I believe you have unique abilities, aptitudes and attitudes that can see you develop your individual communication and interview style.  Whether it's leading a team or being the leader in your own life, transitioning to a new industry or progressing internally, confidence and preparation are they key to performing at your best.

     Course Inclusions     

  • 23 bite sized videos,  with globally renowned interview success coach and confidence author Kirsty Anne Ferguson as featured in "Career Advice" on SEEK

  • On-demand, you are able to view, rewind, rewatch and take notes at your own pace.

  • 21 days access

  • A whopping 106-page Womens’ Confidence Workbook Download. Full of life affirming tips, topics, inspiration and tools to boost your confidence and prepare for success in whatever you do next

  • 35-page Transferable Skills Guide

  • 74-page download of the global best seller, 'Interview Success Workbook'

  • 20-page Interview Questions download

  • Direct email access to your coaches

  • 10-page How To Rescue Your Resume download

  • 6-Page Managing Group Exercises download

  • Free Resources hub access, does not expire

"If you don't know what you have to offer,

how will anyone else"

Kirsty Anne Ferguson

Other Services


Interview Skills Coaching and Resume Products

Most of us cringe at the thought of 'selling ourselves' or our 'ideas' It's just not our natural communication style.  What if I told you that you do not need to sell yourself?  That the key to successful communication lays in the decisions you make in advance.  Gathering real, factual evidence about yourself, your ability, your idea or project is the most effective way to convince someone, of what you can credibly achieve for them.  


The techniques we use, support you to present the 'real you' not in a vague or intangible way, in a manner that says to employers:
This is what I have to offer your organisation and this is why I fit your business culture.


We know that most jobs are more highly contested than ever so making every application count is essential.​​​

Each segment of the recruitment process is an opportunity to show your preparation, motivation, expertise or potential.  From resumes and cover letters, remote interviews, group exercises, psychometric assessments, individual and panel interviews.


​A great resume will get you in the door.  It has to be factual, powerful and easy to navigate.  Our resumes  have been used by entry level candidates up to CEO's and provide cost effective options written by published writers.

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Interviews can occur with little notice. Get a head start with this globally renowned Interview Success Workbook. Complete  it at your own pace.   Learn the STAR method everyone uses. The best preparation you can do before coaching.
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The moment you work with us you will feel at ease.  Our role is ensure you are ready to perform at your best.  We make this an enjoyable and invigorating process.  We teach proven techniques and provide the answers and support you need.

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Your Say

“I was successful! From 150 candidates I was short listed to the top 6. The format you teach using examples and numbers was key!”

Sharni - HR Executive 2020 (Internal Promotion Candidate)

“Thanks so much for the Zoom presentation last night. I absolutely loved it!"

Madeline - Western Sydney Women Aviation Career Mentee - April 2020

“I received really good feedback from a Life Guard on the recruitment panel. He said, I blew the panel away in my interview and the application was something that should be hung up and framed.”

Kasey -  Successful Life Guard Candidate - Nov 2020

"OMG ... they just called me from (major Australian airline)... Ground School starts 11 April !

Thank you Kirsty.  Thank you for all your efforts it means a lot to me."

Dianne M - Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant - March 2023

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