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Resume Services

Does your resume need an update or overhaul?

Do you need help with a powerful cover letter?

What about selection criteria writing?

Then our professional writers can help! 


A Resume That Gets You In The Door

Our resume and job application services are designed to achieve one thing - to get you through to interview.  Whether the public or private sector our experienced team have a breadth of industry expertise that covers entry level to executive, government to corporate and SME.


Here is a selection of industries  that our  resume writers have created winning resumes for using our Professional Resume Templates :

  • Advertising | Media & Communications

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare | Pharmacy | Hospital | Ancillary Services

  • Publishing

  • Trade Services

  • Aviation | Pilots | Cabin Crew | Management

  • Government

  • Defence

  • HR & Recruitment

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Education and Training

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Corporate and Executive

  • Engineering and Mining

  • Self Employed | Entrepreneurs

  • Emergency Services | Fire Fighter etc

  • Construction & Development

  • Administration

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Easy To Use Resume Templates 

  • Can I keep the Workbooks after the course is finished?
    Yes, you download the workbooks and keep these for future reference. Access to all videos expires in 90 days however key reminders and important notes are in the Workbooks to jog your memory in future.
  • Do you have more products apart from the video course?
    Yes we do! Scroll down the page to see: - Individual Coaching and Mentoring -The Interview Success Workbook: 72 page deep dive into the Behavioural Interview Technique
  • Can't I learn all this stuff on-line for free?
    In short, no. What you won’t get on-line is a mentor, a guide and an expert team with over 20 years experience and thousands of successful clients, at your finger tips. Your go-to who knows exactly what it takes to succeed at every stage of the interview process. On top of all that, the information you find on-line is confusing. Each time you watch a video about something there will be another one contradicting it, so who do you believe and what should you do? We've flat packed the entire interview process for you. Let's face it, if we can get job seekers over the line in some of the most hotly contested jobs in the world (fire fighters, emergency services, medical professionals, pilots and C-suite business) we can do it for you.
  • Can I ask questions during the course?
    Yes you can! We have 3 'Live' Google Meet sessions during the course and you will be part of exclusive members only Telegram Messenger group. If something goes wrong, unlikely, but if it does... you can email us directly.

Other Products

Individual Coaching and Interview Success Workbooks

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