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How You Can
Ace Your Job Interview Even
With Little or No Work Experience

Entry Level Interview Skills Course

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Discover how to perform at your best with global interview experts. 

Find out what employers want & how to prove what you can do.

Get the tools Airline Pilots, Execs, Fire Fighters & Life Savers

use to get the worlds most hotly contested jobs.  

Entry Level Interview Skills  Video Course

Who is it for?

 Any job seeker heading into an entry level role with little or no paid experience:

  • High School Students in Years 9 -12 and recent school leavers

  • Job seekers aged from 16-24

  • Applying for casual, part time or full time jobs, as well as

  • Apprenticeships, cadetships, scholarships or university places.  

Course Length  

Work at your own pace but you could knock it over in a few days. You have 60 days to complete the course,  log in any time it suits you.   


Talking about yourself with little or no experience is hard, or is it?   

  • By the end of our course you'll know how to talk to any hirer with confidence.

  • You'll know how to prove your ability expertly, show your personality and talk about your strengths and weaknesses without feeling like a muppet.

  • We share the secrets recruiters, HR teams and employers use, when making  hiring decisions.

  • We've got you covered from application to outfit, interview to offer. 

  • The interview tools and techniques you learn in our course are the foundation for succeeding at any interview, for life. 

A Little Bit
About Us

What's Included?



Easy to use, bite sized expert videos you can view at your own pace.  All the tools and techniques to go from application to outfit and interview to offer.

4 x


Detailed, editable and downloadable workbooks, yours to keep and refer to for any job interview now or in the future.



16 Page Resume Template Pack, crafted in consultation with HR and Managers. Formatted WORD doc, PDF guide, incl. 'How to Rescue Your Resume' guide.


Contact us for a discount code prior to ordering individual coaching



Bonus Videos

You won't want to miss these!

What You Will Learn 

In 4 Packed Modules And 23+ Videos

Check Out
The Entry Level Interview Skills Course

Come join us.  Enjoy our fun, easy to use class format, in bite size chunks.  Find out what you have to offer and how to talk about you, to any employer at any job interview!
  • Can I keep the Workbooks after the course is finished?
    Yes, you download the workbooks and keep these for future reference. Access to all videos expires in 90 days however key reminders and important notes are in the Workbooks to jog your memory in future.
  • Do you have more products apart from the video course?
    Yes we do! Scroll down the page to see: - Individual Coaching and Mentoring -The Interview Success Workbook: 72 page deep dive into the Behavioural Interview Technique
  • Can't I learn all this stuff on-line for free?
    In short, no. What you won’t get on-line is a mentor, a guide and an expert team with over 20 years experience and thousands of successful clients, at your finger tips. Your go-to who knows exactly what it takes to succeed at every stage of the interview process. On top of all that, the information you find on-line is confusing. Each time you watch a video about something there will be another one contradicting it, so who do you believe and what should you do? We've flat packed the entire interview process for you. Let's face it, if we can get job seekers over the line in some of the most hotly contested jobs in the world (fire fighters, emergency services, medical professionals, pilots and C-suite business) we can do it for you.
  • Can I ask questions during the course?
    Yes you can! We have 3 'Live' Google Meet sessions during the course and you will be part of exclusive members only Telegram Messenger group. If something goes wrong, unlikely, but if it does... you can email us directly.

What Our Job Seekers Are Saying

“I'm trying to apply for jobs right now, thank you to Kirsty and Tanja, it has helped so much!”

G.W. - Year 12 - 2020 NSW

“If you are applying for the ADF or any professional role, I can guarantee this interview coaching is worth every cent. The team were friendly and incredibly supportive.  After my interview success I can recommend their services to anyone interested in succeeding in a professional interview.”

Ashley Garner - School Leaver - Defence Force Officer  Candidate - Oct 2020

“I was much more confident and ready for my interview and I was accepted! Thank so much Kirsty”

Travis - From School Leaver to Life Guard 2020

“I cannot thank both Kirsty and Tanja enough for the training and guidance they provided.  I would recommend interview preparation with them.”

Luke - From School Leaver to Qantas Pilot Cadet 2022

"Hey...that video course was excellent, very helpful, great format.  Not everyone learns best by reading from a page. so a video presentation helps you learn in other ways."

Blake - 2022

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