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How We Work

How We Work For You

How we work is as important as anything else we do for you and for us. We are inspired by doing business authentically, personally, sustainably and beneficially for all.

No Industry Jargon
We use every day language with a few acronyms only thrown in if appropriate.

Customising To Your Needs

Our flat-pack programs are winners, we've poured our experience and skill into them.  You might need something a bit more customised, that's ok, let's talk about it.


You can contact a human.  We love automation and technology but communication and relationships are the core of what we do.

Everything Is About Relationships

We all want to be happy at work, humour plays a big part in that, so expect a little.  A thriving work culture is one is that is inclusive, sustainable and beneficial, that starts with the way we treat one another. Respect, acknowledge, inspire, authenticity.


Ben, The Albino Chameleon

You will see the above illustration popping up in our logo and elsewhere, we call him 'Ben'.

At the end of 2019 our founder Kirsty, wrote a book.  It is called 'The Albino Chameleon'. 

The sub title is 'The Things That Make You 'You' Can Become Your Super Power'.  See the connection? 

Ben is an Albino Chameleon (yes they are real). Unlike his fellow chameleons he remains white regardless of his surroundings, making it impossible for him to be anything other than himself, all the time.

Ultimately, what he and others perceived as a flaw became his greatest asset.


chameleon (1).png
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