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Ace The Job Interview

Our expert coaches guide candidates for

some of the most highly contested jobs in the business world

You have one shot at making an impact

at interview, in a short space of time.

Most of us cringe at the thought of 'selling ourselves'. It's just not our natural communication style.  What if I told you that you do not need to sell yourself?  That the key to a successful interview lays in the decisions you make prior to the interview.  Gathering real, factual evidence about yourself and your ability is the most effective way to convince someone, who does not know you, of what you can credibly achieve for them.  


The techniques we use, support you to present the 'real you' not in a vague or intangible way, in a manner that says to employers:
This is what I have to offer your organisation and this is why I fit your business culture.


We know that most jobs are more highly contested than ever so making every application count is essential.​​​

Each segment of the recruitment process is an opportunity to show your preparation, motivation, expertise or potential.  From resumes and cover letters, remote interviews, group exercises, psychometric assessments, individual and panel interview

Our Products include Resume Templates  & Workbooks

Our Individual Coaching Is Tailored To You, Here's An Overview 

Your Say

“If you are applying for the ADF or any professional role, I can guarantee this interview coaching is worth every cent. The team were friendly and incredibly supportive.  After my interview success I can recommend their services to anyone interested in succeeding in a professional interview.”

Ashley Garner - Defence Forces Officer  Candidate - Oct 2020

“'In 2018 Kirsty and Tanja were pivotal in providing career transition services including resume and coaching to enable my son and I to move from Dubai to a new life in Singapore. Their support in difficult circumstances was outstanding.”

George Theo -  International Airline Captain  - Aug 2020

“I've just accepted a post as a Customer Relationship Manager at Credit Corp.  Thank you so much for your support and guidance, the advice you provided helped me a lot during interviews.”

Juan Sperling - Career Transition Candidate - Sept 2020

"I really enjoyed Kirsty's Transferable Skills Webinar, I'd recommend it to colleagues looking at how to reframe their experience to re-enter the job market."

Vicky Haining - Health and Safety Advisor | Facilitator and Trainer - May 2020

Products Servies Ace Page

Products and Services

Resumes | Workbooks | Coaching


​A great resume will get you in the door.  It has to be factual, powerful and easy to navigate.  Our resumes  have been used by entry level candidates up to CEO's and provide cost effective options written by published writers.

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Interviews can occur with little notice. Get a head start with this globally renowned Interview Success Workbook. Complete  it at your own pace.   Learn the STAR method everyone uses. The best preparation you can do before coaching.
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The moment you work with us you will feel at ease.  Our role is ensure you are ready to perform at your best.  We make this an enjoyable and invigorating process.  We teach proven techniques and provide the answers and support you need.

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Our Bundled Value Packs combine a variety of our top products and services. 
Bundling enables us to provide a minimum 20% discount + a 30 mins Mentoring 
session not available individually.  Take a look.
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