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High School Interview Skills Training designed specifically for Secondary Schools

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In an interview, a student’s nemesis is often their untrained self.  So, we designed a course that provides educators like you with support to help your students achieve interview success.


You’ve seen Top Gun, right? 

Guess who trains those superhumans to get their jobs from the time they left High School? You got it, we do.


Our effective, real-world job interview skills have been used by the best airline pilots and military pilots in over 20+ countries, to perform in some of the most competitive environments you can imagine.


This course harnesses that training and shares the skills, techniques and attitudes with your students to help them get the jobs they want, in any sector or industry.

We teach your students exactly how to talk about themselves at any job interview, with the techniques and confidence employers expect. This can be applied seamlessly to scholarships, cadetships, university applications and entry level career roles.


Data shows students will traverse 5 careers and 17 jobs in their lifetime. Your students can use these skills for life, as the foundation for succeeding in any interview scenario.


For maximum effect, we recommend this course is best applied in Year 9 or Year 10.

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Talking about yourself in an interview with little or no experience is not easy.  

Help your students harness their interview superpowers


Interviews test the courage of any student. We can help give your students the confidence to:

  • Identify their transferrable skills

  • Unleash their human skills

  • Compete for any job

  • Land the job of their dreams


A Little Bit About Us

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What Our Students Are Saying

“'We watched the videos and taught the content to the class, it lead to some really rich conversations with students.  High School to Hireable is definitely something we are looking at using again in 2021.”

Wodonga Senior Secondary College - VIC

"I would pass it to the relevant people at school to implementation immediately"

Rob - Past High School Principal NSW  2020

“Thanks for helping out Travis recently.  He started the job and here is yet another success story for High School To Hireable”

Rob Brus - Parent | Founder - 'Go All In' Podcast

“I'm trying to apply for jobs right now, thank you High School To Hireable, it has helped so much!”

G.W. - Year 12 - 2020 NSW

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