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High School To Hireable

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Taking Your Students From Education To Employment

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High School To Hireable is designed

to Support Educators to prepare

Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 to bridge the gap from education to employment

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Introducing High School To Hireable.


Talking about yourself in an interview with little or no experience is not easy.


That's why we created the $8 per student  interview skills video course and live programs, developed to support educators in providing students with the skills and confidence to enter the workforce.


It could be preparation for a casual job, apprenticeship, work experience or full-time position. The techniques and tools we teach, also apply seamlessly to scholarships and university applications.  

High School To Hireable harnesses over 20 years of interview skills experience used by CEO's, Airline Pilots, Fire Fighters, Doctors, Tradespeople and Professionals to get hired.  We've ensured it's accessible and affordable to all High Schools to prepare each student to perform at their best. 


Students will use these skills for life as they are the foundation for succeeding at any interview.


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Your Say

"I would pass it to the relevant people at school to implementation immediately"

Rob - Past High School Principal NSW  2020

“Thanks for helping out Travis recently.  He started the job and here is yet another success story for High School To Hireable”

Rob Brus - Parent | Founder - 'Go All In' Podcast

“I'm trying to apply for jobs right now, thank you High School To Hireable, it has helped so much!”

G.W. - Year 12 - 2020 NSW

“'We watched the videos and taught the content to the class, it lead to some really rich conversations with students.  High School to Hireable is definitely something we are looking at using again in 2021.”

Wodonga Senior Secondary College - VIC