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Course Fundamentals

We've prepared candidates for some of the most high contested roles in the world as well as the other side of the table, the hiring teams. We are going to share the secrets, tools and training in flat packed video courses that answer all of your questions and prepare you to perform at your best in every presentation. The jobs and career market has changed. It is far more competitive than it has ever been. The ability to present yourself powerfully is essential for every job candidate, employer, manager or team member. 


Whether it's:

- Internal career progression or a move to a new industry

- An entry level role or apprenticeship or

- Improving how you communicate as a leader or valuable team member


Our courses ensure you have the expert guidance to perform at your best.

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What Makes Our Video Courses Different?

Entry Level Interview Skills

Video Course

Who is it for?

 Any job seeker heading into an entry level role with little or no paid experience:

  • High School Students in Years 9 -12 and recent school leavers

  • Job seekers aged from 16-22

  • Applying for casual, part time or full time jobs, as well as

  • Apprenticeships, cadetships, scholarships or university places.  

Course Length  

Work at your own pace but you could knock it over in a few days. You have 90 days to complete the course,  log in any time it suits you.   


Talking about yourself with little or no experience is hard, or is it?   

  • By the end of our course you'll know how to talk to any hirer with confidence.

  • You'll know how to prove your ability expertly, show your personality and talk about your strengths and weaknesses without feeling like a muppet.

  • We share the secrets recruiters, HR teams and employers use, when making  hiring decisions.

  • We've got you covered from application to outfit, interview to offer. 

  • The interview tools and techniques you learn in our course are the foundation for succeeding at any interview, for life. 

Entry Level Interview Skills Course - The Interview Chix
Ignite Interview Attitute - The Interview Chix

Women's Ignite Your Interview Attitude Course

Who is it for?  I believe women have unique abilities, aptitudes and attitudes that can see you develop successful leadership, work and interview styles.  Leading a team, interviewing for a new role or being the leader in your own life, this course is designed to develop your 'how' and your 'why', your work and leadership styleIt covers everything we could think of to ignite your attitude to perform at your best. From using powerful examples to managing career hiccups and hurdles. Our experts discuss why the rules about what you wear are different for everyone and how what we used to call 'soft skills' are rising to the top of what employers value.

Course Length  Work at your own pace but you could knock it over in a few days. Remember, you can log back in to refresh for up to a month and you have 2 downloadable, editable workbooks to keep.

Outcomes  Identify your core motivations, your why and and how, your work and leadership style.  Gather powerful examples to prove your ability. Backing yourself comes from defining 'you' clearly giving you the ability to communicate it with power and authenticity to others.


Price $279.00 + GST




SME 'Hire Right' Interview Skills for Hirers - Video Course

Who is it for?  Any business owner, HR team member, manager or supervisor who hires staff.  Most SME's don't have a dedicated  HR team so assessing potential staff members is crucial to your business success.  The right team develop solid internal relationships and treat your customers like family. Getting hiring right could not be more important.  As a hirer, your skilled approach to recruitment and interviews will impact hiring costs, staff retention and business culture positively. 

Course Length  Work at your own pace but you could knock it over in a few days. Remember, you can log back in to refresh for up to a month and you have 4 downloadable, editable workbooks to keep.


  • Establishing a streamlined on-boarding process.

  • Create a detailed hiring scaffold for your business that attracts, assesses and retains the right staff

  • Develop a list of questions that get informed responses

  • Learn the most effective interview techniques used globally

  • Develop your business culture and department culture statement

  • Define what kind of leader you are

  • Identify the core attitudes and capabilities you seek in every candidate

  • Video interview and remote hiring processes

  • How to write powerful job advertisements

  • How to spot a 'hire wrong' candidate

  • Plus 2 monthly Google Meets live! With senior coaches

Price $797.00 + GST

Hire Right - A Course for SME's - The Interview Chix