$510 - per hour personal one-on-one training with a senior interview skills coach.

We train your hirers to make the best decisions for your business and team.


SME's often don't have a dedicated HR Department or Recruitment Team. It is the business owner or a manager who runs the job interview.


Assessing potential staff members is crucial to your business success.

The right team develop solid internal relationships and treat your customers like family.


Getting hiring right could not be more important.


Every hirer is different and we create individual custom training when we work one-on-one with a Hirer.


Once you have selected 1-Hour 'RIGHT HIRE Hirer Training' this is what happens:

- We email you with a 'goals and gameplan' checklist (that way we know what you want to cover)

- We schedule your coaching on-line and spend a pack hour with you or your Hirer (Yes you can order additional hours if required)

- We provide a feedback sheet and 'where to from here' outline to enact the Hirer Skills goals we have worked on.


Areas Our Training Covers

  • Creating better hiring policy that reduces the frequency/high cost of poor hires

  • How to identify candidates who are the right fit for your business

  • How to identify a candidates potential even if they don't have all the preferred skills

  • Develop a streamlined scaffold for your hiring process, if you don't have on

  • Expert checklists and assessment criteria resources to help decide between candidates

  • How to ask questions that elicit tangible, real world responses

  • Why using the STAR interview method works

  • Defining your business culture to help align staff with your vision

  • Why behaviour is key indicator of right fit


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HIRE RIGHT for BUSINESS Interview Skills Individual Training For Hirers (1 Hour)

  • Everyone learns at their own pace and this one-on-one coaching session is structured to ensure you have the techniques and essential decision making to support you to HIRE RIGHT

  • On-line live delivery.