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An Interview Skills and Confidence 'On-Demand' Course just for Women
$349 Ex GST

New Course Launches November 2023

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This course covers everything we could think of to ignite your attitude to perform at your best.  From:

  • Using powerful evidence and examples to prove your ability

  • Managing career hiccups and hurdles. We've all had them and they are our biggest opportunities to learn.

  • The reality of imposter syndrome and how some of the most successful career women have kicked it to the curb.

  • Our experts cover why the rules about what you wear are different for everyone.

  • How, what we used to call 'soft skills' are really 'everyday skills' and they are rising to the top of what employers value.

  • We tackle performance nerves (Something we all get - why? Because it matters to you so nerves are actually a good thing)

  • Find out what employers are assessing you based on because putting yourself in their seat is key to deciding what to talk about

  • Uncover what most people do wrong with resumes and how Kirsty's  innovative resume guidelines can propel you to interview stage


Course Inclusions

  • 23 bite sized videos,  with globally renowned interview success coach and confidence author Kirsty Anne Ferguson as featured in "Career Advice" on SEEK

  • On-demand, you are able to view, rewind, rewatch and take notes at your own pace.

  • 21 days access to videos

  • 6 comprehensive downloads, yours to keep - heres what you receive:
  1. A whopping 106-page Womens’ Confidence Workbook Download. Full of life affirming tips, topics, inspiration and tools to boost your confidence and prepare for success in whatever you do next
  2. 35-page Transferable Skills Guide and Exercise
  3. 74-page download of the global best seller, 'Interview Success Workbook'
  4. 20-page Interview Questions PDF To use when completing the course

  5. 8-page Managing Group Exercises download

  6. 10-page How To Rescue Your Resume download
  • Direct email access to your coaches

  • Free Resources hub access, Unlimited - access 

  • plus

  • Motivational 'Wisdom Cards' download, to keep you inspired and focused every day


Your story, abilities and potential are real. Our role, is to give you the skills and confidence to communicate that in every job interview


The Good News.  Employers have a renewed focus on 'everyday skills and culture' areas women have ability and affinity with. No matter the employment climate the power of women to anticipate, reinvent and do whatever it takes is unsurpassed.  


Whether you aspire or desire to be a leader, business owner or passionate team member, the confidence and communication skills we teach you will have for life.


We've designed our 'live' webinar course to give you exceptional value​. One-on-one coaching is over $300 per session and 'Ignite Interview Attitude' offers  $900+ value for $349.00. That's less than two coaching sessions.


Women's Interview Skills/Confidence On-Demand Course

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