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The Workday Wardrobe Is A Waste

Who of you, utilised your corporate outfits while working from home?

I know my team will simply ‘work-attire from the waist up’ if on a client call or on-line meeting. But the whole suited up, stitched up outfit was out the door. And why not.

You wouldn’t walk the dog in a pair a pair of Valentinos. So why don work shoes when sauntering from the cosy couch to the study in your work-from-home environment?

When you feel comfortable,

you feel authentic,

and you perform better.

Whether in-person or on-line, the days of the dark suit are dying or dead and the tie, leave those at door of your high school as you exit.

The 'Multi-Function Fusion Wardrobe' has arrived

Meshing your casual play-day style with your work outfits for a functional, cost-effective fusion wardrobe is well… practical. Think of the money you would save by not running two collections.

We have the evolution of a more individual, cost effective and functional workday attire that goes effortlessly from boardroom to wine bar or brunch.

A wide-leg pant with urban sneaker paired with a relaxed jacket and T-shirt can go anywhere.

It’s how you wear it,

not what you wear,

that gives off the confidence vibe.

For those with uniforms attached to your role, the point is mute.

Fusion wardrobes are one of the benefits to come out of the remote workforce environment.

But what if I like knowing what to wear?

For some, the lack of literally, black, and white guidelines, on what is suitable for work can be daunting. I remember when casual Fridays came in and some colleagues just wouldn’t or couldn’t. Now, we have access to ethical, affordable, and fashionable outfits that are as diverse as the days in a calendar, available on-line, with a plethora of insta fashionistas to guide us… the dilemma is not what it was.

This flexibility still plays in your favour, if you want to stick with what you know, that’s ok too.

What about job interview? – I hear you say

Be careful, some industries are slow to evolve when it comes to ‘professional attire’ so gauge your audience folks.

That applies to pretty much any job interview. If in doubt, take it up a notch, you can always take a jacket off, but if you walk into the interview and everyone is old-school suited and stitched up… you can’t pull a jacket out of thin air.

I remember an advertising exec telling me I presented powerfully in my Choo heels and on-trend pants suit, but added, “Next interview, ditch the power suit, we are more chill here.”

How to purchase pieces that will take you anywhere

Your style is a key element in how the world perceives you and in showing your authentic self. Taking the time to nut out your simple fusion style will pay dividends in preventing impulse purchases and being side-tracked by trends.

I have a few guidelines when investing in new pieces with a focus on fusion use, of course.

Here are the questions I ask myself:

- How often will I wear this?

- It is a fusion piece (work and social)?

- Can I dress it up and down?

- Has it been ethically produced?

- Will I want to wear it next year?

Stick to what you know and the office standard, or go Fusion, it really is up to you. Just know that flexibility encourages creativity, authenticity and choice. That has to be a good thing.



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