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What you need to know to get your start in
Advertising and Communications

With Anna Borien | Global Brand Strategist

Advertising and Communications is a sought after industry.  Competition is steep, it pays to be creative and on the front foot in your approach to getting a job.  There are many ways to enter this career and multiple roles, some you will have heard of, some not.  For anyone wanting a heads up on how to get started, Anna shares her inside tips and expertise to help you in this exclusive video interview and 20+ page top tips download.

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About Our Presenters

Anna Borien: 

From Work Experience Kid to Global Brand Strategist across The UK, South Africa, Australia, Anna has climbed from the front desk to giddy heights of the advertising world.  She shares with us the glamour myth and the fun side of working with new clients and new creatives across exciting global brands.  Anna dives into how  in this career, your personality and your quirks will help you stand out and fit in simulateniously. If you are considering this career path, don't miss this insightful interview.

Our own Tanja Perl:

You might not know this but Tanja  has another life. In that life she is a freelance Executive TV Advertising Producer.  She's produced ads for Vodafone,  Nike, Coca-Cola and many other brands so she is the perfect person to chat all things advertising with Anna.  These two share expert info you won't hear anywhere else.


- Enjoy

1 x 40 Minute Recorded Interview
1 x 25 page Critical Take Aways Download
'How To Get Your Start in Advertising & Communications'

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